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Gwingaming is the best mobile game companies and we have many game product that support all kind of device like computer, Mobile,mobile app, non-smart phone. API Support with the option to fully customize your mobile design. Create your own front-end with unprecedented ease, purely with the use of PHP, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and with no webservers required.

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The mobile game apps developer is the game development wing of Gwingaming, a pioneer in website designing and development. We are tooled in providing customized gaming solutions with a creative team of experts in gaming industry. They have great insight of emerging trends and opportunities that could be exploited for providing the best gaming experience. Our deliverables meet the global standards and are flexible.

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It’s critical for multiplayer games to support continuous game flow so that nothing distracts the players from immersing into the gaming process. When putting together a game with real-time interaction capabilities, we take special care of developing a sustainable server side:

  1. - To achieve minimal latency in client-server communication, it’s important to transmit data within shortest time possible. To do this, our game server development specialists employ proven data serialization techniques to compress and transmit data faster (e.g. protobuf, JSON).
  2. - To keep such player data as user profile, events history, trophies and achievements protected, we use special communication protocols (e.g. HTTPS, wss), special authorization tokens, and encryption. To address security, we build the client-server game architecture so that the logic is executed entirely on the server. With the major functionality shifted to the backend, the user doesn’t stand a chance to cheat anywhere in the game as the client operates data sent directly by the server
  3. - We create the server side so that it supports scalability — possibility to increase or decrease the capacity of virtual machines on the server based on the dynamic load (the number of simultaneous user sessions). Devising a well-thought game server architecture makes your title fast-performing, secure, and accessible. This enables continuous game flow. Together with an engaging game plot and elaborated art, it fosters player engagement and retention.

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Gwingaming is a global game app development companies offering mobile application development services for Android, iPhone, iPad and hire mobile game developer. Our best game app developers office grants us unparalleled access to the biggest names in the industry, while our app makers in Cambodia offer the best, cost-efficient app services in the world. Our mobile game apps development company provides you with innovative app development with the best UI/UX and functionality possible. Mobile apps are an indispensable business solution that you cannot ignore, so contact Gwingaming Software today to get started on your free consultation.